Before Knowing How To Make A Blog, These Are The Things You Need To Know First!

htmabStarting a blog but don’t know how to make a blog? This article will be all about how to make a blog. First off, you need to have the skills and interests in writing an article or articles. Why? Well, writing a blog is mostly about articles. The only difference between blogs and articles are the way they are published. Before we discuss about how blogs are made, let us tackle how they are different from each other. As mentioned, they differ on how they are published. Articles are published in newspapers or magazines. Mostly they are about show business and other famous news. As for blogs, they are published in the internet. There are virtual magazines and newspapers on the internet and they call it newsletter.

They enable you to view news in the internet from their site (the virtual newspaper company), and if you like the news that they pick then you can register your email address and they will keep you updated with the news by sending you links of the news to you and by clicking the link, you will be routed to their website where you can view that news and other news you might be interested to read.

Will Learning How To Start Your Own Blog Guarantee Earnings?

If you learned how to start your own blog without thinking or looking for at least 5 sites that are currently looking for bloggers, then you are going to have a bad time. Before you make up your mind that you want to learn how to start your own blog because it is a good sideline, you should look for sites that are hiring bloggers continuously. Having an ability or skill for blogging without a job to use your skills with is like investing for nothing. That is why you need to look for something that you can possibly apply to after you have finished your courses or tutorials about blogs.

After you have graduated from the courses and tutorials and you are sure that you are ready to put your skills to test, then you should start applying. Here is one way to apply: create your own sample. The sample can be anything about things that make sense. The sample should be at least three to five hundred words. Make sure the things you are writing make sense and they are worth reading. A way to make it worth reading is by making your article about something that is currently happening.

Make A List Of The Best Blog Ideas

Pick a topic and surf the internet for the best blog ideas you can get. Once you have a list of the best blog ideas, you can focus on one at a time. That is also true of any topic. All you have to do is have a desire to write and generate a following of your writing. You can start with the many free blog sites that allow you to write and publish freely. In fact, that is how people started becoming bloggers.

More importantly, everyone that can access the internet has a voice now. You can be for or against a topic or you can be neutral and just report events. You can be as judgmental as you want and offer your opinions freely and vigorously. You may not have a huge following if you use the best blog ideas only to criticize or be negative about them. In this huge world of ours, there is bound to be at least someone that will agree with your negativity. They will be happy to jump on your band wagon and add their voice to yours. Whether these will be seen as the best blog ideas by a new reader or just as someone

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6 Responses to “Before Knowing How To Make A Blog, These Are The Things You Need To Know First!”

  • Comment from Jessica Light

    This is one helpful article. I am beginning to gain interest on blogging. I am lucky I have found tips from the expert.

  • Comment from Cassandra Isham

    You are doing the right thing, Jessica. Before you start blogging, take time to read articles on blogging where you can gather essential pointers. This may take time but it’s worth it!

    I can say this because it worked for me. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t really have commented!

  • Comment from Liza M

    Good thing I came across this article! My husband and I are thinking of putting up a blog online. The tips above are absolutely helpful.

  • Comment from Adrienne Young

    Writing is something that I am really fond of. But earning money from writing sounds appealing. I should learn more about blogging soon! If only because I’m broke as hell!

  • Comment from Maria L

    I am thinking of writing about fashion. I think it is easy to gain followers if I concentrate on this subject. Most girls my age are interested about fashion and it’ll be cool to have it advertised through my social networking site accounts.

  • Comment from Macey Mo

    Thank you for this brief but very informative article on how to make a blog. Writing is a favorite hobby of mine. I guess it is time to turn this into a source of living.

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